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PIKO 1988

July 14 2022 – kathleen roach

PIKO 1988
PIKO 1988

Better than Your Basic Basics

Our favorite basic brand of all time Piko 1988 is something we just had to devote an entire blog to! If you aren't familiar with Piko tops, Piko tunics, Piko Dresses, and all things Piko here's where you'll learn! 

For all the Piko top lovers out there, Simply Dixie Boutique in Arkansas is known for having one of the largest selections of Piko tops, Piko tunics, Piko dresses, Piko sweaters, Piko tanks, and anything else Piko makes in the entire region! That's right- the entire REGION! We work closely with the Piko 1988 brand manager to custom cut some of our own colors and extended sizing.

Over the past 10 years we've consistently carried the largest selection in town of Piko brand clothing. The Piko top and Piko tunic style that soared the brand to popularity years ago was the boxy body with fitted sleeves items. The fit was unique but the fabric was even softer- made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, which is what Piko 1988 is known for in their Piko shirts. 

I had to dig way in the archives for these pics y'all! These were the original Piko top body style of all of the Piko shirts by Piko 1988 along with the original Piko tunic

With these first styles of Piko tops and Piko tunics Piko 1988 became known by their items and style of clothing rather than the brand they are. We started working with the brand manager early on during the crazy popular phase of these to create our own colors and stripes that were exclusive to us due to the volume of Piko 1988 products we were selling. Once we did this- we trained our customers to know Piko 1988 as the brand first, and their products second to avoid further confusion! We wanted everyone to know Piko 1988 is a brand with so many other fashionable pieces than just the original 2 body styles of Piko tops and Piko tunics they're first known for! 


We slowly started carrying, and in some instances, producing our own Piko 1988 products in multiple colors and bodies. Here's just a few of the 1,000s of Piko styles we've carried over the years. 

Piko 1988 became everyone's favorite basics! Not only are they the SOFEST bamboo/rayon blend of fabric but they're SO easy to wear and flattering! Piko tops are the perfect layering pieces. I wear the long sleeve Piko tops all Winter long over leggings with a sweater cardigan and boots. Such an easy outfit! I wear Piko tanks and Piko tees all Spring/Summer with jean shorts or jeans for an effortless look. I've even been known to wear a Piko top on a night out layered under a blazer with skinny jeans and heels! You cannot go wrong with Piko tops or Piko tunics

In the more recent years we've made the decision after carrying some classic staples for 6 years + that we would be clearancing them out and making room for all new bodies and styles by Piko. 

You'll find a large selection of clearance Piko tops, clearance Piko tunics, clearance Piko tanks, clearance Piko sweaters and much more. Simply Dixie Boutique has a large online only selection of sale Piko styles. 

Not to worry though! We will still be innovating and coming out with new styles from Piko 1988. Stay tuned for great new styles from everyone's favorite anything but basic, basic brand! 


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